Tui Farm Folk Festival
85 Kms south/west of Nelson


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Poems From Tui - the "one minute" poems



By Charlie Norton © 2006


I first met Jungle Payne when to take my photo he came

“He’s really cool” I said (I’m no fool)

So Dad looked on the net for his name


It told us he sang and that he danced in a tent

It told us of Tui, so off we all went


We bought tickets from Carol and that’s how we’re here                              

So to all our new friends, have a happy New Year                                   


                                                                                                                                         Charlie Norton



By Marion Heinz © 2006

I’ve heard there’s a farm out at Tui

That opens its gates for a hui

And for five days each year

All these townies appear

To make music for all within coo-ee


They bring in some portable dunnies

And the open-air kitchen is funny                                                                    

With a coal range for water

That does what it oughta                                                                            

And a shower to keep folks from humming

                                                                                                                Marion Heinz                 

Those townies sing, dance and play guitars                                                         

In a marquee, with stage, on the long grass

The noise that prevails

Could dock a young tail                                                                                       

But for we sheep, it’s all quite beyond us!







 By Holly Norton © 2006


What a funny bunch we are

A funny bunch indeed

Some in tie-dye pants

And other just in jeans


Armed with tin whistles

Or a fiddle or two                                                                            

Yet we all have to share

The same port-a-loos                                                                                                


We are all so different

But we all share one thing                                                                                        

We have gathered here at Tui                                                                                                          

To play, talk, laugh and sing                                                                    Holly Norton





By Laurie Norton © 2006


At Tui I’ve heard such music to soothe the savage ear

All played very civilly


Am I a confused cowboy or Goth or folkie

Metallic sounds like Dylan, Springsten like Trad, whoever he may be

I heard Orbison too

But the wind …………


Last night I awoke with a start, the wind blew like billy-oh

My tent lurched and so did my heart                                                                        

I needed a pee so up I got

Braving gales and squalls, to the loo I shot


Free of the wind or so I thought, I did my business                                                         Laurie Norton            

But all came to naught

For just as I started a rumbustious blow struck me in the loo, rocking to and fro

From the top of the hill the whole loo did topple

At the bottom I ended, the contents shaken like flies in a bottle


Now covered in --------------   (I leave the description up to you)

I pondered what to do.  To whom could I complain of my dishevelled state

I headed for the gate


Angry and shaking, I bashed upon the door, “Look at me all covered in poop”

I ranted at folk maestro’s, Mr S and Mrs C Rose


“Hang on” said Steve, “I’ll go get the hose”

“What’s to do” I exclaimed with venom

Carol replied sweetly, “well for the smell we could squeeze a few lemons”


I want compensation for my sorry state.  They fixed me with a beady stare

“Well we’re sorry mate, but it’s Hey Nonny Nonny

No refunds, too late!”





By Anna Heinz © 2006

Well brekky time at Tui Fest, the stories all come out

And it’s hard to spot the grains of truth amongst the lies and jest


But the sun is out, the day is fine and Ruth is hard at work

Making pancakes for the festival mass and for hangovers like mine


With the benefit of hindsight, I can see it may have helped

Had I left the whiskey in the jar at several moments late last night


But too late now the deed is done and it’s wasteful to regret                                           

‘Cos the whiskey tasted great, teamed with chocolate, friends and fun


‘Course, if we’d stuck to just one brand, my head might have been well                          Anna Heinz

And not throbbing thickly as it is, wrapped round as with a fine steel band


But there were three we had to taste and having got the glasses out

We couldn’t miss the chance for crack or let fine whiskey go to waste


So we drank the New Year’s fresh advance and drank our own good health

And thought of all you good keen folk, in the marquee trying to dance


And we drank to Tui Festival, she’s a fine one, as we know

Riding steady in the water, buoyed with good times and goodwill


So let’s raise a good strong coffee and let’s raise a good strong cheer

May you all enjoy the Tui Fest and all come back next year





By Luca Ware © 2006


Fairies fly up

Fairies fly down

Fairies fly all around

They fly above us

And they be our guardians

                                                                                 Luca Ware (the little one!)







By Ariane Turton © 2006


Pretty little monarch

Born too early

Before your cocoon turned black

Your wings stayed crumbled

So you flutter and flutter

But cannot float on the breeze




Ariane Turton



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