Email if interested:

As a general rule, positions will be offered back to the person who did the job last year.  Please let us know if you would be interested in one of these jobs and, if it's still available, it'll get filled on a "first in" basis (unless it's Stage Manager which will fall to the most experienced person).

Registrations (4 Positions)

Four people are required to greet people as they arrive.  There are lots of questions when people arrive so the registration people need to have attended Tui Festival at least once before.  The desk is manned (or wo-manned as the case may be) from 9:00am until 7:00pm for the first two days of the festival.  As all tickets are pre-sold, once everyone has checked in then the desk is officially closed and this usually happens by around 7:00pm on the 2nd day.  You will work in pairs, with each pair working a 2 hour shift and then having 2 hours free. One of the pair will be the primary person on each shift and the other person will be on call for when it gets busy.  You will switch around in the next shift where the person who was on call for the last shift is now the primary person.  This means that you work for 2 hours, have 2 hours off, are on call for the next 2 hours and then have 2 hours off.  Not too arduous and we try to work shifts in around things that you want to participate in.  Registration Crew need to be able to arrive the day before festival opening.

Cleaners - 2 positions: 

Two required.  We have 12 portaloos, 1 shower & 2 handbasins that require cleaning twice daily (10am-ish and 4pm-ish).  Each full clean takes one hour so two people can share the job (1/2 hr twice daily) or one take the morning and one take the afternoon (1 hr once daily).  On day two of the festival, the portaloo man comes and empties & cleans them, so we only need you once on that day.  The only condition is that you must agree to arrive on the 29th December and not leave until 2nd January.  


Rubbish Monitor - 1 position:  

One person required.  We don't have any rubbish bins as such, as we ask festival goers to take care of their own rubbish.  We do, however, have two food scrap stations where we have 2 or 3 buckets for food scraps.  The rubbish monitor's job is to pick up the buckets twice daily (on the ute) and empty them into the compost bins, returning them to their original stations.  This job usually only takes about 15 - 20 minutes each time.

Stage  Manager - 1 position: 

We need someone to ensure that all concerts get underway on time and are properly compered (we'll provide a list of people for compering).  This includes all events scheduled for the main marquee, (except workshops & choir) and the mini-concerts down at Arthur's Cafe.  


general crew - 5 positions:  

Five general crew are needed to help with the general set-up of the festival.  This can involve a variety of jobs but will consist of things like putting up tents (not the main marquee) and pulling them down again at the end; setting up the stage in the marquee; making beds; setting up a performers kitchen (not needed every year) and other type things that might crop up throughout the festival.  You would need to be able to commit to arriving on 28th December and not leaving until 4th January, and be physically able to lift all kinds of things at times.